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Monday, January 17, 2011


Monday, January 17, 2011
Famous Ophiuchus: Celebs who may have a new star sign: The world got thrown for a loop -- and a lot of closet astrology fans who may take their daily horoscope a little too seriously -- when news broke that it turns out theres a 13th sign in the zodiac: Ophiuchus.

What?!?!? Exactly.

And even though were talking astronomy here and not astrology (and there are rumors that it doesnt matter if you were born pre-2009 anyway) a lot of people are having a big of an identity crisis when it comes to their new signs.

But what about the poor Ophiuchus. Theres not even any traits set out for them, although it appears theyre likely Scorpio than Sagittarius.

Check out that these famous Ophiuchus who didnt even know it.


Ophiuchus, new Zodiac sign dates
Horoscope followers and astrologers: Dont panic!


  • interpreter of dreams, vivid premonitions,
  • attracts good luck and fruitful blessings, serpent holder, lofty ideals,
  • a seeker of peace and harmony,
  • doctor of medicine or science, natural-pathic,adds, increases, joins, or gathers together
  • poetical, inventive nature, expanding qualities, seeks higher education and wisdom,overseer, supervisor of work,
  • fame - either grand, or completely misunderstood,
  • longevity, aspirations of healing the ills of man,
  • architect, builder, reaches for the stars, figuratively and literally, tax assessor, or levys taxes,
  • astrological talents, intuitive, large family indicated, but apt to be separated from them when young,
  • the number twelve holds great significance, 
  • foresight and good fortune to benefit from hard times,
  • has secret enemies in family or close associations,
  • many jealous of this subject,
  • notable father, apple of father's eye when young,
  • high position in life expected [depending on aspects] highest fame and legend comes after death
  • feelings of granular, wise, genius mentality,likes to wear clothing of vibrant colors, and plaids in particular, receives the favor of those in authority.
The 13th Sign of the Zodiac


Thursday, December 23, 2010


Thursday, December 23, 2010
As the Christmas Party season approaches, the thoughts of many employees turn to the office Christmas Party. If you're not sure how you should behave, or what's acceptable, then read on.

Here's how to make sure that you have a memorable Christmas Party, for all the right reasons.

1. Don't go to get drunk. Just because the boss is paying, doesn't mean that you should drink as much as you can in as short a time as you can.

2. If you know you're prone to say something you shouldn't or make a show of yourself when you get drunk, simply don't get drunk.  Alternate your drinks with soft drinks, and if you need to have an excuse, you can always say that you've got something planned for the next day, and need a clear head.

3. It's very bad manners to turn up late.  If you are running late, then at least let somebody know.  Don't turn up late to make a big dramatic entrance.  Nobody will be impressed.

4. Don't leave too early, as it will look rude.  If you do need to leave early for what ever reason, make sure that you arrive early, so that you've spent a decent amount of time at the party.

5. When with colleagues, or perhaps people from different departments of offices, try not to talk about work all the time.  Find out more about the people you work with.  Why not ask them what they do when they're not at work, or find out which team they support?

6. Be careful about what you do talk about, and try not to discuss potentially sensitive subjects. Don't get drawn into an argument, and if you do find yourself getting more and more involved, try and either change the subject, or find other people to talk to.  The Christmas Prty isn't the right place for a scene.

7. Don't wear inappropriate clothing.  This should be obvious, but there will be people who get it wrong.  It's much better to be overdressed than underdressed.  Choosing something stylish and understated will look better than something brash and over the top.  Remember that you are representing your company.

8. Be careful who you're talking to and about if partners are invited.  You don't want to be moaning about the boss to his or her partner!

9. Don't moan about the food or drink.  You probably haven't organised the party, and you haven't paid for it. The venue, food and drink might not be up to your usual high standards, but it's not for you to judge.

10. Remember your table manners.  You might not use a knife and fork properly at home, but you should at least make the effort whilst you're out in public.

Now you know how to behave, what to talk about and what to wear, there's nothing stopping you having the best Christmas Party ever this year! (FROM EZINE ARTICLES.COM)


Sunday, December 12, 2010


Sunday, December 12, 2010

The style basics

  • Recognise your assets and choose clothes which flatter this part of your body.
  • Show off your breasts OR your bum, never both in one outfit.
  • If you have love handles or a round tummy, wear textured fabrics and wrap-around tops.
  • If you have a short or wide neck, wear tops that are open at the neck, rather than high or round ones, to lengthen and slim your neck.
  • If your clothes are too tight, you'll look fatter not thinner; straining fabric is a style no-no.

How to wear colours

  • Only wear shiny fabrics and bright colours on areas that you are sure can stand up to being in the limelight.
  • If you have sallow skin, dark circles or bags, don't wear black near your face, it only draws attention to it.
  • Combining black with bright colours makes the black look boring and the colours look cheap.
  • If you're petite or of larger build, avoid a dramatic contrast between top and bottom as this will cut you in half.

Your bra

  • Always make sure your bra is lighter or the same colour as the clothes you're wearing.
  • If you have big breasts - it's essential to wear a bra that fits you properly; a good bra will lift the boobs and give definition to the waist.
  • Balcony bras look great on girls with large chests.
  • Avoid thin back straps unless you are totally fatless or you will end up with unsightly back bulges under your clothes.
  • If you have small breasts - spaghetti straps will offer enough support. it's all right to show the straps off under spaghetti strapped tops and dresses, as long as the bra is pretty.
  • If you want to create cleavage, wear 'chicken fillets'.
  • Small breasts look good in bras with 'chicken fillet padding' and a draw-string front.

Your knickers

  • Wear flesh-coloured underwear under white, light or see-through clothes.
  • If a skirt is see-through but not figure-hugging, opt for big, flesh-coloured knickers rather than a G-string.
  • If you have obvious cellulite on your bum, avoid G-strings at all costs when wearing thin fabrics.

Making the most of accessories

  • If you've got a large chest and you're embarrassed to show off too much flesh in a v-necked top, wear a large necklace to cover the area.
  • Never wear a scarf or necklace over the top of a roll-neck jumper.
  • Don't wear long pendants that nestle in your cleavage if you have big boobs.
  • If you have a double chin or your face is chubby, opt for longer earrings.
  • If you have a short neck, avoid large, choker-style necklaces.
  • Chunky costume jewellery is a stylish way to add colour and individuality to your outfit.

Choosing the right pair of shoes

  • If you have thick ankles, don't wear delicate, strappy heels, ballerina-style shoes or ankle straps which cut across the ankle.
  • If you have skinny legs, avoid thin, teetering heels or they'll look like they're going to snap under the weight of your body.
  • If you are pear-shaped, avoid dainty kitten heels.
  • Trousers and jeans should fall to the bottom of the heel.
  • Black shoes look best with darker colours - don't wear black shoes with light-coloured clothing unless they are extremely dainty.
  • Don't wear black shoes with bright colours as they make your outfit look cheap.

Compiled by Abbie Fereday based on BBC's What Not to Wear programmes.


Friday, December 10, 2010


Friday, December 10, 2010